Why You Should Order Your Calibration Blend from Critical Control

Why You Should Order Your Calibration Blend from Critical Control

Why You Should Order Your Calibration BlendGas from Critical Control

When it comes to  calibration blends for your analysis hardware, it’s important to ensure your fluid or liquid analysis is accurate. Read on to learn more about why you should choose your calibration blend from Critical Control Energy Services.

Manufactured to the Highest Quality

At Critical Control Energy Services, we’re known for our high-quality products and software services in the oil and gas industry, and our Calibration Blends are  no exception. We use the highest quality base elements  possible, with a written uncertainty of less than 1% variation on any given blend for the most precise measurements. Our blends are custom made via hand injected, not mass-produced.

Our calibration blends are manufactured by a lab manager and technician who spent 15 years in the lab before they started blending for us. Their extensive experience as both users and producer’s mean’s they know exactly what is needed when it comes to blending a calibration mix.

We conduct regular audits of both our facility and our processes, to give our clients total comfort. These audits include routine checks of both the lab and blending facilities, paperwork audits, and more. We’re proud to back up what we say we can do with our precise work!

Delivered With the Best Service

Our dedication to customer service is what sets us apart. A customer can call us at any time and get answers to their questions. We bring a hands-on approach to all customer service requests. Our gas cylinders can be set up  on a rotation program—our clients purchase one bottle, and when that cylinder is down to 20%, they order a replacement. We not only dispatch the full replacement cylinder, we also pick up the empty bottle for them.

All of our blends are produced in one location for maximum quality control, but we have the authority and certification to ship our calibration gas worldwide. Our location in La Porte, TX, in the heart of the petrochemical industry gives us access to a wide variety of chemical inputs.

At Critical Control Energy Services, we’re proud to provide high quality products and software to our customers, giving them  efficiency, safety, and precision they need on their wells. We have over 25 years of Calibration Standard Manufacturing Experience, making us an industry leader when it comes to blending calibration gas. To learn more about our services, or order a custom blend, visit our website or call 1-855-426-6380.

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