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Why It’s Important to Conduct a Full Well Stream Test

Why It’s Important to Conduct a Full Well Stream Test

Why It’s Important to Conduct a Full Well Stream Test

We’ve been doing a lot of full well stream testing for our clients in Texas and LouisianaCanada lately. Read on to learn more about this valuable service, and why it’s so important.

Accurate Measurements

Many wells are independently owned but in order to keep costs down, well owners may choose to have their product flow to one central location. Once the product is in one place, it can be soldsold, and the well owner gets paid—but how do you determine who gets what share of the profit?

Full Well Stream testing is performed once a year, giving you an accurate understanding of the composition of your gas wells. At Critical Control Energy Services, our portable Full Well Stream testing units connect to flowing well and measures the output of water, oil, and gas over a 24 hours period. We use an EFM (Electronic Flow Meter) paired with an orifice style measurement fitting, complemented by our state of the art proprietary software to deliver, top-notch reporting! We also conduct a three-phase separation process and perform a chloride test on the water and obtain the most current FAUX (correction factor) to get a true gas volume reading.

Automated Reporting

At Critical Control Energy Services, we’re known for our innovative software solutions that streamline processes for our customers. We know how important it is to have concise, accurate information about your well stream, and we provide automated reporting for your convenience.

The reports are generated online via our Gas Analysis ProMonitor software and include a full standard C6+ gas analysis along with full well stream data. Our testing trailer is fully compliant with the latest API specifications and allows us to travel to you directly. All data is collected automatically, compared against a current gas analysis, and collated using industry-standard formulas. If you are already on our industry leading ProTrend service, we can automatically update correction factor data and the gas analysis to the EFM via ProMonitor Live or your own SCADA system connection.

The Same Great Service

Our commitment is to provide the  best software and service at the best price, with a complete guarantee—and our full well stream testing service is backed by our same commitment to our customers. We offer both scheduled and call-out service and are happy to accommodate our customers’ scheduling needs.

The future of the oil and gas industry is digital. Critical Control Energy Services offers innovative, efficient software solutions to provide our customers with accurate, automated reporting. To learn more about our full well stream testing service, or to book a test, visit our website or call 1-855-426-6380.

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