Track Your Compliance Easily With Critical Control

Track Your Compliance Easily With Critical Control

Track Your Compliance Easily With Critical Control

Risk management forms the basis of any company’s safety culture. As an oil and gas operator, you have the duty to ensure regulatory compliance both locally and federally. With Critical Control Energy Services software, you can easily track your compliance day-to-day.

Track Compliance Tasks

We know that fluid analysis and calibration data management is a vital aspect of your core business and your regulatory compliance. Thankfully, you’ll never have to worry about manually entering and validating data with ProTrend! You can automate this process by creating an online calibration schedule with exception reporting. Your meters will be sampled when required, tested in accordance with your schedule, and calibrated where necessary. It will ensure your analyses are never out of compliance, adding to your bottom line, saving you time, and keeping you compliant. Running various up-to-date reports has never been easier!

Gain Insight Into Your Compliance

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could automate the process for rejecting bad samples? ProTrend is used by over half the largest oil and gas producers in North America for a reason. It integrates with any lab that does your analyses and allows you to accept or reject your data based on the criteria you’ve set. Validated data can then automatically be sent to every company, person, or system that needs your data, and this includes updating your measurement devices in the field. You have full control with none of the work involved!

Increase Accountability and Transparency

Keep your instrumentation calibrated, fast, and reliable for all your testing needs. Our certification department can make all the repairs you need, all while being NIST traceable and meeting or exceeding ISO 6142 requirements.

Safety standards in the oil and gas industry are always adapting to ensure our people can work without threat of injury. As an oil and gas producer, you have to be accountable and transparent with your reports. Every single Critical Control Energy Services product is designed to help you do just that! We’ve built our software to be useful, innovative, and make regulatory compliance easier for our clients.

ProTrend is the leading solution in North America for simplifying fluid analysis management and regulatory compliance. If you’re not satisfied that it’s the best software at the best price with the best customer service, you don’t pay! So, how can we help you?

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