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ProTrend is the best software for scheduling, validating and managing Fluid Composition Data and Meter Calibrations.

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What is ProTrend?

With over 250,000 gas meters in its management portfolio, ProTrend is the North
American leading solution for simplifying fluid analysis management.

What is ProTrend?

ProTrend is a web-enabled tool that simplifies fluid analysis and calibration data management. It improves the accuracy and integrity of calculations used in measurement and product allocation systems by ensuring that only validated and accurate sample or correction data is applied to users’ oil and gas production data.

The functionality of ProTrend far exceeds the capability offered by lab viewer software and allows users to store all analyses in a single database, independent of the lab that performs the analysis.

ProTrend is an accurate, low-cost, independent solution. It doesn’t matter which labs you use or who does your meter calibration. This application enables users to eliminate invalid or out-of-date fluid analyses, thereby reducing errors in revenue allocations.

How does ProTrend work?

ProTrend takes electronic data files from nearly any source and passes it through a rigorous validation process that employs client-controlled criteria. Data is objectively validated and those analyses or calibrations that meet a predetermined criteria are made available for immediate use without human intervention. Data that does not meet the criteria is flagged and held for review by a qualified user.

ProTrend provides clients with the ability to track, schedule and completely manage the entire fluid analysis process from a single repository, regardless of the lab that performed the analysis. Furthermore, ProTrend allows clients to easily manage the transfer of measurement of meter calibration data to information and revenue systems, which are dependant on fluid quality to perform accurate calculations. Manual entry of key  calibration data and associated keying errors are virtually eliminated.

How does ProTrend work?

ProTrend’s centralization of analyses ensured that all the fluid analysis composition information was made available in one location. This decreased the time that spent by the producer’s administrator searching for the applicable fluid analysis data to prove compliance. As all producers know, when it comes to proving compliance, being able to find the required information is the most important step.

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Central Repository

ProTrend provides customers with a single repository for all of their fluid sample analyses and calibration required for measurement, allocation, and production accounting purposes. Data is automatically imported into the system with stringent quality assurance functionalities. Manual entry is eliminated and data accuracy is maximized.
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Accurate Samples

As analyses are imported into the database, our automatic validation process takes place. If any of the components are outside of predetermined parameters, including high-low limits, the analysis is flagged. This automatic validation process can drastically reduce the number of validations that require human intervention, as only flagged analyses require attention.
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Calibration Management

ProTrend also offers a comprehensive meter calibration management module that allows for users to schedule, store and validate their calibration in the same central repository. We've also created a library a PDF editable templates that allow users to complete meter calibrations without missing pertinent information.
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Simple Schedule

ProTrend makes it easy to meet all regulatory and contractual sample and calibration schedules. Our team helps to set the schedule and tracks it to ensure completion.
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