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Through the balance of practicality, innovation and technology,Critical Control Energy solutions empower clients to manage critical gas production data.

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We’ve been thriving for over 30 years

Critical Control is America’s premier measurement specialist.

Our traditional services include:

  • premier field services where we ensure your measurement equipment in the field is installed, tested and calibrated.
  • we can test and repair your measurement equipment and rebuild your turbine meters at our test centers
  • We have 5 labs across the US for standard and extended gas and liquid analysis.
  • In addition to standard measurement equipment and supplies, we provide custom blending services, delivering your custom NIST traceable, gravimetrically certified standard within 10 business days, with no rush fees

Established 30 years ago to provide natural gas measurement solutions and field services, our expertise in gas measurement has grown in scope to include the full distribution of meters, instruments, accessories, fittings, valves and support services.

We combine our leading-edge software, access to rich data, and world-class services to provide unparalleled solutions for measurement, production, accounting, and operations to well over a thousand oil and gas companies across North America.

We take our business seriously, we stand behind each of our products and strive to earn your business every day. We are proud of our reputation and offer an unprecedented unconditional guarantee to each of our customers: We will provide you the best software at the best price with the best customer service. If within 90 days of engaging us you cannot agree with our statement, we will cancel each invoice and refund anything you have paid.

From senior integrated companies to small independent gas producers, thousands of wells to small fields, Gas Analytical Solutions provides full measurement services and software solutions.

Major transmission companies and utilities rely on Gas Analytical Solutions to provide their instrumentation and metering requirements – from custom builds to sourcing to servicing all meters. At custody transfer points, Gas Analytical provides testing and expert assessments of the reliability of the meters.

Our support team is always available for you! If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at 1-833-294-6527.


We have combined our measurement expertise with a strong understanding of your business processes, regulatory requirements, and contractual obligations. This enables us to deliver exceptional customer service and software solutions which work for your business, including:


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