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Meter Proving – Ensuring accuracy

A Look at Scheduling Tech in the Oil and Gas Industry

Meter Proving – Ensuring accuracy

Tracking the accurate flow of liquids and gas is an absolute must for producers and pipeline operators.  To efficiently check and correct meters,  Critical Control Energy Services has created the most modern prover loop in the United States.

Our prover loop provides accurate data, giving us not only the results we need in the moment but access to historical data as well. Additionally, our prover loop is certified  twice per year for the best results. Read on to learn more.

Why Should You Have Your Prover Loop Certified?

Critical Control provides a proving certificate for each meter tested attesting to the validity of the meter.   We conduct  repeatable tests that are repeatedly accurate, to ensure you’re getting the best product—and the best data—every time. Meters that fail the proving test can be fully repaired by our expert technicians.

Why is Accurate Data Important?

Accuracy comes from the ability to prove and confirm proper measurements. Accurate data is essential for producers and pipeline operators , especially in the event of transfer of ownership or if you’re comingling product. Even a small variation in measurement can cause enormous deviation over time.

So, you need a cost effective solution for testing and evaluating your meter fleet.   That’s where Critical Control Energy Services comes in.

Get Clear, Accurate Data Withwith Critical Control

At Critical Control, we’ve invested in top quality measurement equipment—in fact, it’s some of the best equipment in the industry—to ensure our clients are proving their meters correctly.

All of our equipment is designed using the latest modern software; and our team of fully trained, senior measurement technicians conduct full calibrations, repairs, or complete rebuilds onsite. Our team will provide  data from the immediate test, as well as all the data from your meter’s history that has been stored in our database overtime. It’s not just about the current tests—it’s also about the past history.

When you trust your meter proving to  Critical Control, you’re getting the best results, backed by the best software for the best price, with the best service—guaranteed. Contact us today to speak to one of our representatives.

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