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Implementation is a snap, as we have all regulatory data on tap feeding our cloud-based solution continuously. We can have you covered before you can figure out where to get the data from to feed competitive solution. Industry leading analytics are built in, so you have a sophisticated model running out of the gate. Instead of wondering what the questions you should ask, you have identified where your risk are - whether you are worried about water contamination or lost production, our dynamic reporting is continually running to tell you what is changing with your assets.

Capital allocation is scarce - whatever your budget is, ProMonitor allows you to make the decision of where to put it. Cancel the engineering program on the assets which are low risk and reallocate it to where you need it the most. Trying to figure out whether to pig a line or add a chemical? ProMonitor can analyze the impact on your risk profile for each mitigation scenario quickly - decisions are easy when the right information is at your fingertips.

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ProMonitor is a very valuable tool for organizing and understanding pipeline data. The ability to differentiate between public and private data is a unique approach to pipeline data collection, and allow users to collect and maintain large amounts of data that would otherwise be lost on spreadsheets.
— Risk Manager, Medium Enterprise Energy & Utilities Company
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