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How Cloud-Based Software Can Help Improve Oil and Gas Operations

Cloud Based Software

How Cloud-Based Software Can Help Improve Oil and Gas Operations

The oil and gas industry relies on cutting edge technology to keep operations efficient and safe. When operators are required to make daily decisions with the data on-hand, they need to be certain their data is accurate, up to date, and will prevent rework headaches.

Here are a few of the ways your oil and gas operations can benefit from Critical Control Energy Services’ cloud-based Software 

How does NetFlow work?

Communicate directly with your Digital Production Assets

Our NetFlow software provides a real-time digital solution to monitoring and reporting on your field production.  We seamlessly connect to all your devices and display them on your desktop or smart device.  Our system is incredibly easy to set-up and use and will change the way you operate!

Improve Operations

ProMonitor is the leading spatial data solution that can help you improve operations with the simple click of a button! Through a desktop or mobile device, you can visualize your data on a map, viewing the details of composition and production. This data can then be used to build an industry-leading risk matrix, showing you which of your pipeline segments are the highest risk of failure, or which of your vessels are at the highest risk of leaking.

Keep Drawings Up To Date

ProMonitor Schematics stores all your drawings digitally, giving you a visual overview of your assets and ensures drawings are always up to date.


Reduce Environmental Impacts

Emergency Shutdown (ESD) takes effect when there’s a harmful gas detection or a low-pressure alert—just a few of the ways your well site or facility can be a safer place to be. Customize how you want to evaluate your risks—whether its production loss, environmental impact, or effect on the population, all while being NACE and CSA Z662 Compliant.

Eliminate Inaccurate Numbers

ProStream eliminates this nightmare by using state of the art predictive analytics to give you a quick and accurate audit trail.

Track Large Quantities of Data Easily

Our software products  help you differentiate between public and private data so that you may collect and maintain large amounts of data that would otherwise be lost.  We digitize chart readers and schedule meter calibrations – all things to simply your operation so you can focus on the task at hand – producing more hydrocarbons!

Reduce Your Operating Costs

Engineering costs, manual inspection, and gathering system maintenance costs are increasing, and with capital in short supply, you need to spend your money where it’s needed the most. Our suite of software products fully supports your Management-by-Exception goals.  Reduce your costs and increase the effectiveness of your spend by operating ‘smarter’ with Critical Control Energy Services

Still not convinced that our software will give you the best software, the best service, and at the best price? Let’s talk! Get in touch with one of our Critical Control Sales Specialists to get your FREE no-obligation quote. We Guarantee our service – If you’re not satisfied you don’t pay.

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