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Gain Confidence in Your Field Data

Gain Confidence in Your Field Data

Gain Confidence in Your Field Data

Getting data from the field isn’t just about software—it’s about getting the right data when needed, and knowing that it’s accurate.

No longer should bad weather or poor driving conditions influence your ability to gather accurate and timely information. With Critical Control Energy Services, you can gain control over  your data and ensure reporting compliance from the comfort of your home or office.

Collect Data Remotely

No longer is it necessary to travel into the field to gather data manually or even via a computer connection. NetFlow allows you to communicate with virtually any field system or device, using the cloud. Set aside your existing SCADA system and use our hosted software, to gain full remote control over your field assets.

Oil wells, gas wells, plunger lift controllers, compressors, tanks—anything electronic, can be monitored on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. Even emergencies can be handled through the click of a button on the cloud.

NetFlow Introduction

Make Compliance Easier Than Ever

When it comes to proving compliance, validating the information is the first step. Compliance is a necessary part of operating in the oil and gas industry, but spending hours hunting for, and validating, the data to prove compliance is not!

What is ProTrend?

Eliminate Manual Data Validation

ProTrend provides a central storage solution for all fluid analysis and calibration data. This data is automatically uploaded and put through a validation process that flags any samples that are out of the predetermined parameters.

Improve Integrity and Confidence

Rather than manually searching for comparable historic datasets, ProTrend automatically reviews each gas analysis report, only flagging outlier samples. Suspicious samples will fail before they’re exported, leading to an increase in data confidence!

Manage and Schedule Calibration Programs Automatically

Use ProTrend scheduling to eliminate manual calibration through dozens of spreadsheets. Easily spot out of date samples/calibrations and rest assured that all locations are compliant. ProTrend is your one source of truth for all metering devices in the field.

With over 150,000 gas meters in its management portfolio, ProTrend is the leading solution in North America for simplifying fluid analysis management. Talk to one of our Critical Control Sales Specialists today to get your FREE no-obligation quote, and start transforming your field data collection.

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