Field Energy Services

Field Energy Services

If there is something that is needed to be done in the field, we are here to do it.

We know that operators are busy and that is the reason we have people that can be deployed to download bulky files, change charts, pull samples, and do all the measurement-related tasks. The best thing is that you don’t have to train us.

Field Meter Testing and Calibration

It doesn’t matter if you are having a new EFM or an old chart recorder, we are here to make sure that your measurement equipment is offering you the numbers you need to know to understand your production.
We are using the approved digital test instruments and self-contained proving equipment to test, calibrate, and restore orifice, turbine, rotary, and diaphragm meters. We are offering our clients the best field energy services to help their business work efficiently.


Our experience has made us capable to install the latest equipment in order to automate your field. We have a team of knowledgeable professionals who are great at electronic meter installations, tank sensors, gas chromatographs, gas analyzers, and automated valves.
f you want to implement devices on your SCADA system, we are here to help you. If you want to take the benefit of our leading cloud-based SCADA system, NetFlow, we are here to help you. We are here to help you with all the energy field services. We are here with a promise to do our job with perfection.
The best thing about our company is that we are also good at communication. If you want to bring the data to your office with cellular, radio, or satellite, we can make it possible. We can do:

  • Client partnering for field scanning
  • Chart scanning for digital analysis
  • Web-based communication
  • Advanced flow analysis software
Equipment Repair and Certification

With our aim to help the businesses grow, we came with an entirely equipped testing, calibration, and repair shop. This shop is a part of our completely integrated measurement facilities for our customers.
We are having tools for full-service natural gas turbine meter proving and repair. We also have testing, calibration, and certification of:

  • Gas Analyzers (Oxygen, CO2, H2S, H2O)
  • Gas Chromatographs
  • EFM and chart recorders
  • Digital calibration equipment
  • Rotary meters

EFM Setup-For the Electronic Flow Measurement setup you are going to need the skilled professionals to get the task done correctly. To install and calibrate the instruments, you need someone who knows how to do their job with perfection. Because if anything goes wrong during the installation, you may come across the issues you won’t even be able to diagnose.
And, that is the reason we are here for your rescue. We have enough skills and experience to keep your EFM in a good working condition that too at a nominal price.
Meter Repair-Critical Control is offering a shop that offers all the repairing services to its customers. It is a facility for those who want to bring their equipment to our place instead of calling the technicians in the field. We are offering services for all kinds of meters and instrumentation to help our customers remain stress-free.

Automation-The best thing to do when you want to know the certain gas quality items is to go for an on-site test. These items can include water vapor and H2S determination.
We know that you won’t be able to do it on your own and so here we are with a team of trained professionals to perform some tests to calculate a wide range of compounds that have the ability to occur in a natural gas stream.

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