Gas Calibration

Everything You Need to Know About Calibration Gas

Everything You Need to Know About Calibration Gas

Everything You Need to Know About Calibration Gas

At Critical Control Energy Services, our goal is to provide well owners with the tools and software they need to properly monitor their systems. Inaccurate calibration can lead to a loss of profits, as well as an unsafe working environment. Read on to learn more about our calibration gas, including how it is made and why it is important.

What Is Calibration Gas, and Why Is It Important?

Calibration gas is a precise blend of gases used to establish the base level or starting point for a Chromatography device. Exposing sensors to a known concentration of gas will ensure that the gas is properly detected and measured, improving accuracy and increasing safety. Calibration gas is used to detect a variety of gases, including liquid petroleum gas (LPG), liquified natural gas (LNG), and standard natural gas.

It’s no secret that excessive exposure to harmful gas is dangerous. Properly calibrating sensors will help ensure that issues or leaks are identified before they become life-threatening, improving worker safety and ensuring environmental regulations are met.

Calibration Gas from Critical Control

At Critical Control Energy Services, we create custom hand-injected gas blends designed specifically for each customer’s needs. We use only top quality products—all of our blends are NIST traceable and gravimetrically certified.

Custom blends allow our customers to choose the specific concentrations they require in order to properly calibrate their demonstrations. We customize the initial blend based on the type of analysis being performed (C6+, C7+, etc.) and then further build the blend out based on individual needs. Customers can also choose the size and type of cylinder their blend is packaged in for added convenience. We also offer a series of standards in order to measure linearity. All of our blends are measured and priced based on BTUs.

Critical Control Energy Services has been creating custom calibration gas blends for over 25 years. To learn more about our tools and software, or order your own blend, visit our website or call 1-855-426-6380.

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