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Equipment Services and Supplies

Measurement and Production Equipment
Measurement Equipment Available

Equipment Certification and Verification Gas Analytical can certify, verify or repair on your digitalcalibration equipment. We can also verify all your analog pressure gauges. Using quality and highly accurate test equipment, Gas Analytical can provide prompt turnaround time. Saving your company time and money.

All certifications on equipment are entered into the NIST database and can be accessed in our ProTrend software anytime, anywhere. ProTrend can also remind you when your equipment is due for its annual certification with an auto reminder email notification.

Services We provide
Field calibrations on EFM’s, chart recorders or rotary prover tests
Gas sampling, whether it be a gas analysis or our techs taking your sample on site
Full-service turbine meter proving and repair facility
Communications, NetFlow or other SCADA systems
Equipment repairs for EFM’s, chart recorders, rotaries and turbines primarily
Certification of test equipment and provers along with repair
Services on most products
Chart integration and volume reporting
Chart changing services
Install and maintenance on gas chromatographs on production or gathering sites
Installing and maintaining gas sensors such as O2, H2O & H2S
Installing safety instrumentation on production sites
Automating on site instrumentation such as ESD’s, valves, analyzers, GC’s
Meter run rebuilding
Turbine meter proving with lost and unaccounted for gas in midstream/distribution
Prover and equipment certification
Volume auditing services
Equipment Supplies – Measurement and Production Equipment

We are your single stop shop for all measurement and measurement related equipment and supplies.

Unlike many companies, we have local inventory of essential items which can be picked up or immediately shipped. If its measurement related, we are the solution.


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