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Damir Silic

Director of Product Services
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At Critical Control Energy Services, we take great pride in our team. It’s through their passion and dedication that we are the best in our field. Read on to learn more about our Director of Product Service, Damir Silic.

Blending a passion for leading teams with a love for activity, Damir spends his free time coaching basketball in the community. He enjoys skiing in the Rocky Mountains, challenging himself through woodworking, and spending time with his wonderful wife, and energetic young son. It’s no wonder Damir always has a smile on his face! He is an excellent team player and loves to learn new things, making him a valuable asset to our team.

Damir has over 11 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, with roles ranging from EPC, operations, and now software industries. Damir started by designing and managing steam-assisted gravity drainage facilities with both domestic and international teams before transitioning to operations, where he received his professional engineer designation.

Damir enjoys taking on new challenges and loves to learn something new every day. He’s excited to be a part of our fast-growing company here at Critical Control, taking on a wide variety of interesting projects with industry-leading technical experts and business experts. Our company is dynamic, and every day brings something new.

As part of a diverse group of individuals, Damir strives to collectively improve the customer experience across all the software products we offer. He hopes to develop new and innovative ways to analyze data and deliver interesting projects from initial concept through to full operation—safely, on time, and within budget. Damir brings a holistic approach and believes in the importance of embracing change within today’s fast-paced environment

Damir knows the impact the right work environment can have, and he appreciates that all the individuals within our organization are treated equally and are given the tools they need to succeed. Being in a great environment plays a tremendous role in bringing out the best in people and encouraging collaboration. Having a great team gives Damir the ability and freedom to pursue interesting ideas and think outside the box while working as  a cohesive team.

We’re grateful for Damir’s contributions, and we know that his hard work is part of what makes our software so successful. Visit our website to learn more about our product offerings or about how you can be a part of the passionate team at Critical Control Energy Services!

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