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Brad Trumble

Director of Sales & Marketing
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At Critical Control Energy Services, we’re proud to have dedicated individuals, such as Brad Trumble, who is a part of our team! Get to know Brad better as we interview him, and learn more about his passions and his vision for our organization as Director of Sales & Marketing.

Brad’s hobbies and interests are directly related to his proximity to the Rockies! He loves spending time with his family and stays active by golfing, hiking, and snowshoeing. If you don’t see him in the winter much, it’s because he typically flies south to enjoy even more golfing and hiking!

Brad has worked in the O/G industry since his younger days on drilling rigs in Northern British Columbia and similar industries since then. In his 5-7 years of experience directly within the O/G industry, he’s discovered that he’s most passionate about caring for the customer while providing excellent service.

Although he’s only been working with Critical Control for a short period of time, Brad believes that the growing company offers a tremendous opportunity for customers to get involved through their tailored software services.

When asked about his goals for Critical Control, Brad mentioned his desire for higher sales levels and profitability for our software services, but his prime directive was the promotion of software to give companies a better handle on their data.

He understands that a typical problem amongst many businesses is that operators drive from well to well, but if they had better insight and analytics, they could reduce wasted time. He also recognizes that the biggest selling impediment is surprisingly not price, but a company’s culture.

Brad wants to do things differently, change the mindset of the customer, and overcome barriers—he frequently uses the words disruptive technology to describe the leaps and bounds our technology can provide.

Brad has a vision for the digital transformation of the oil and gas industry, “we’re not here to provide you with what you want, we’re here to provide you with what you can’t yet imagine that you need.”

We’re proud to say that our employees are just as passionate about how our cloud-based software can help your operation find success as we are! Visit our website to learn more about the job opportunities available at Critical Control Energy Services and to join our team!

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