Audibility and Exception Reporting

A Look at Scheduling Tech in the Oil and Gas Industry

Just because “it has always been that way” doesn’t necessarily make it right

Sometimes the simplest, most traditional ways of doing things are the hardest for an organization to change. As we strive to improve business performance, all processes have to be open to challenge.

Technical innovation has had an effect on many industries, but the way auditing is completed has remained unchanged for several decades—this process is a drain on both financial and staff resources. In fact, the sector spends billions of dollars on audit services every year. Continue reading to learn how we’ve become the standard of service on accurate and effective measurements.

Gas Chart Integration

Let us help you start saving by introducing you to a proprietary software system we’ve created called ProChart. It utilizes color recognition to digitally interpret chart data for fluid volume calculation—thus beginning the end of your stress.

Getting data from the field isn’t about software—it’s about getting what you need, when you need it and making sure it’s right. Critical Energy uses Gas Chart Integration for accurate, fast, and auditable solutions that reduce turnaround time, allow you to acquire data easily, and minimize human error.

Leading Chart Integration

Over 140,000 charts are processed per month for over 900 customers, including 80% of North America’s top 25 gas producers. Businesses choose ProChart as their reporting software because they’re able to seamlessly pull reports. Instead of handling paper source documents, users can readily search for and view chart images online. Within 24-48 hours, charts can be scanned and sent to the ProChart vendor for processing and volume determination.

Furthermore, with customized volume reporting, electronic exports, and detailed analyses, ProChart enables businesses to know everything possible about their natural gas production at an affordable price.

Chart and Data Auditing Services

Before ProChart, companies were required to manually sort through all of their data after scheduling wells—with Critical Control, you just need to provide us with data limits and you’re set. ProChart pulls the information from the well test and flags the incorrect information, cutting your processing time in half.


ProChart reprocesses, compares, and evaluates your charts and EFM data to ensure that volumes are properly interpreted and calculated. The results are then reported to you, identifying any discrepancies and offering technical support to resolve those differences.

At Critical Control Energy Services, we believe that technological innovation will reshape oil and gas. That’s why we’ve developed ProChart to save you resources and time. Visit our website to learn more or get in touch to book a free consultation.

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